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Open Burning

In order to burn in Rossville or the surrounding area you must first obtain a burn permit. You can get a burn permit from the department any time during duty hours. You must call prior to any burn and you must not burn any non-natural material, like paint, rubber, or pressure treated lumber.


You may only burn when the wind is more than 5 miles per hour and less than 15 miles per hour. You may use deisel to start you burn, but not any other types of fuel, as this can be dangerous.


Any burn permit that you get is only valid thru December 31st of the year it was issued. After that time you must get a new burn permit. On the burn permits are instructions on what you must and must not do when burning. Failure to follow any of these rules can subject you to fines and possible civil charges. If you have any questions about burning you can contact us.

Also you can refer to Brush Fire Safety Page

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