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Currently the District's ISO rating is 5/9, which means that everything within 1000ft of the hydrants in the City of Rossville has a rating of 5 and everything within 5 road miles of the department and further than 1000ft from a hydrant has an ISO rating of 9.

How this affects you

ISO is the Insurance Service Organization. It specializes in developing the best practices for safety. You might wonder why you should care about this rating, well the reason is that it affects you home owners and business insurance. The ISO reviews information about floods, fires and other events that cause damage and loss of life and property. They research the causes and look for ways to reduce these losses.

Every fire department in America is issued a PPC or Public Protection Classification commonly called the ISO rating. This rating ranges from 1 to 10 with 1 being the best and the hardest to achieve. Any improvement in the Districts PPC will help to save everyone money on insurance premiums.

What Are We Doing To Improve

We are working towards improving the Districts PPC rating. Currently we are working on several projects that will help in this process. Two of those projects are expanding the department building and replacing Rescue 31 with a Rescue Pumper. This is a slow process and will be completed as funding is available for them. Both projects are in the planning phases, we will keep you posted as we progress.

The other projects we are doing which are about to begin are Fire Response Assessments, Annual Equipment testing, Monthly training, and records maintenance all of which effect the districts PPC. Beginning in October we will be conducting Fire Response Assessments with all of the businesses in town. Homes are not required to be assessed, however if you would like an assessment done please call the department and schedule a time. The assessment is required to be completed every six months and we will post when we are doing them on this website and on flyers that will be available at the Rossville City Hall.

If you would like to know more about ISO or the PPC or help the department out just call the department at (785) 584-6349 or send an email to rossvill@rossvillefire.org.

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